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Fascial Strain Counterstrain, Positional Release

Fascial Counterstrain is an indirect, painless technique developed by Brian Tuckey P.T., that uses specific tenderpoints to identify fascial restrictions and release them using the principles of Strain CounterStrain. The underlying cause of muscle spasm and pain can often be attributed to defensive contractile responses stimulated by proprioceptors in fascia to protect more vulnerable structures such as vessels, nerves and viscera. 

Fascia is a web of complex tissue that surrounds and protects all body parts and organs and carries vessels and nerves. It responds to all forms of stress and trauma and, in a restricted state, elicits the bodies defensive mechanisms causing muscle tension and eventually restrictions and pain. Introduction to Fascial Counterstrain by Brian Tuckey P.T.

Positional Release, also known by its parent name Strain-Counterstrain, is a natural, pain free manual technique that is an extremely effective way to relieve muscle tension and spasms (knots). The therapist uses passive positioning of muscles, bones and joints toward positions of comfort or ease. This shortens the tissues in spasm which resets proprioceptors (sensory receptors) in the tissues and establishes a more functional level of tone. The result is eased muscle pain and increased range of motion. The client need only let go and let it happen, the brain and the body do the rest.

The picture is an example of a common release for sciatic pain that generates from a common tight muscle in the buttocks. 

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